Like a river!

Love is not great. It is stressful, painful and unfair. I don't want Love. The Love will be disappear from my life then I finally have my calm. To be in Love is shit, that is the worsest thing of this world. At the beginning you are floating on the clouds and then it began to raining, because the sun can't always shining. Suddenly, without warning, you fall down to the ground and look after your beautiful cloud as it moves further and further away and leave you back on the ground. Now you sit there and think about how the feeling was to sat on the cloud and you missed it. Your heart bleeds painful and you lose the mind because you know it's all over. There is no way to go back and you cry and you think all is hopeless. It destroys you from inside, it's feel as if someone pull out your heart and throws it to the ground. No matter what you do, the pain is so deep that it changed your whole life. You begun to drives crazy and think that it will never stop hurting, prefer you want take off your life. But then again do you think if I do it, all will be really over. Because the hope that everything will be well again is still there and that makes you even crazier. The life flows unstoppable further like a river, and you don't know what waiting for you on the end. You try to safe you to the bank but sometime you lost your power to swimming against the tide, you let the river drives you and look back with a broken heart and gives up. You ask yourself: Is it worth to fighting about it??? You don't know what to do, because the longer you fight, the feelings will be deeper. And then when everything is over and there is no more hope then you die inside, then your view is empty, your soul is tired and your heart is broken. If you cried so much then someday you have no more tears. Then all the warmth of you had gone and you are only a little cold thing.

24.3.09 21:50



I'm standing on the beach.
The warm sand under my feet.
Warm wind blows through my hair.
The views of the sea I fall on my knees.
I close the eyes and feel the pain in my heart.
Tears of loneliness run over my face.
The hands buried in the sand, I scream.
And if I do not have you,
or will ever lose you,
then I lose a part of me.
You are my air to breathe.
You are my heartbeat,
The pulse in my veins.
You are the light that illuminates my way.

24.3.09 00:39


The moon is reflected in your tears. Your smile is surrounded by the pain of your soul. Lost is the shine in your eyes. The warmth from one is diminished from cold. Your voice is clear as a summer night and yet marked with sadness. Like a leaf in the wind drift you away. You hold to establish on your dreams without realizing that you break on it. Loneliness is a part of your life. Only the stars give you solace in the night.
24.3.09 00:26

The right one!

If a voice touches your heart. If a view fills you with warmth. If a contact brings you to melt. And his absence fill you with sadness. Then you can be sure he is the right one for you!!!
23.3.09 22:05


If you sometimes feel lonely then close your eyes, listen to music and dream of the things that makes you happy. Sometimes when we firmly believe then dreams can come true. But be careful! Dreams are like the bud of a flower, treat them with feeling otherwise disappear. And what would life be without our dreams and desires???? ALONE and EMPTY!!!!!!!!!
23.3.09 21:56


There are moments in the life where you ask yourself: Was all in vain? Everyday we tried it on new's to make all right. No matter what you do, you can never be accessible to all. Today i know that you should not try to fulfill all expectations!


23.3.09 21:13

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