Today i was with my best friend in "Starbucks" and we have drunk coffee. This was the first time to do something without to think about the work. It was really funny. We have drunk "caramel macchiato" (hell i love coffee). So bad that i only have half day free, so i must go at 5 PM back to work. In the last time i have write a lot of my thoughts down. I count the days until i go to Japan. I am really excited . But don't worry i will update the blog everyday. Two days ago i was at the hairdresser and have change my style. Now my hair shorter as before and i am blonde with pink highlights . At the moment i am thinking to make a new Tattoo. Maybe again a star but this time on my ankle. Oh yeah i love stars. Only 14 days then i fly to Japan with my best friend. Ok i go to sleep now. Good night!!!
29.3.09 23:42


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