The sun is shining and i lay in the grass. The eyes closed, listening to the wind. I feel the warm sunshine on my skin. I hear the rushing water. A butterfly sits on my arm and i watch him. His beauty is breathtaking. I try to touch him but he flies away. Sadly i look after him. The spring has begun and everyone is happy. Why am i not happy? I close my eyes so that i no longer see all of this. The wind caresses my skin and i wish that you're here. Tears running over my cheeks. Now the time has come to understand that it is over. Everything is gone and there is no way back. I ask myself What for a sense still have my life without you? You gave me the strength to life. You were the reason that i fought. Only because of you i have endured all the suffering. But now i realized that we have no future together. It hurts. I start to die inside. Without you i find no more my way. You were, are and will always be the most important in my life. Thank you for everything! I'll never forget you my handsome devil!!! GOODBYE!
1.4.09 16:44


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