さようなら Mon Cher!

I could tell you I love you.
I could tell you you're my life.
But I won't becauseI don't think that would be enough.
Not only do I want to tell you how much I love you,
I want to show you.
You are the reason I live,
the reason my heart keeps beating.
Without you my life would be over.
I knew that I can't love someone as much as I love and need you.
Please know I'll never be able to love anyone as much as I love you.
You're the only one for me.
And that's the way it will always be.
Without you my heart would be empty and incomplete.
Every memory I have of you I treasure.
Every thought of you is wonderful.
Thank you for the love you let feel me.
Thank you for the lesson of my life I will never forget.
Thank you, love of my life!


28.6.09 01:04


Long time

Long time not update my blog. Sorry! But i was busy the last time. I have make a lot new pics and i have write new song. Here some of the new pics!


25.5.09 19:20


I know sometimes you think that you mean nothing to me. But that's not true. You're a part of my heart. You're like the sun. With you i can talk about everything. You understand me and my feelings. I can trust you and i know you're always there for me. Thank you for everything! You're the best friend i ever had!!!! And believe me i will always be on your side, in good times and bad times!!!

8.5.09 00:37

18th April

Long time not update my blog. Sorry! In the last days i have write some new lyrics hehe. Japan is beautiful but sometimes i feel me lonely. Here some pics from my trip, tomorrow i post more photos. Enjoy it!

18.4.09 06:22


Like a leaf in the wind i drift away. Captured by the beauty around me. I see the sky, blue and beautiful. White clouds pass. I try to touch them but they are too far away. It is night and i still drift. The stars on the horizon enchant me. Her sparkle reflected in my eyes. I stretch my hand to them and tell them my dreams. But the wind is pushing me. He don't gives me the opportunity to settle on a nice place. Before me is the ocean. Dark and menacing in the night. But beautiful and clear on the day. I fear me, and look back to the stars. I close the eyes and hear the stars whisper: "Don't worry it is all good. Don't reject against and trust your heart." I look forward and see the sunrise. A smile surrounded my mouth. The sun's rays dry my tears and i get new hope. Hope that the wind let me go sometime!!!!
15.4.09 09:38

TOKYO 13th april

Yesterday 13th April i am arrived in Tokyo. The flight was ok but i was really tired because i  can not sleep in the airplane. Now here is it the 14th april 6:43 am and i will go later outside. I must go to Shibuya-ku, i hope i find the way HAHA.  Ok! Today evening i will try to upload some pics! 
13.4.09 23:46

Tomorrow beginns my Japan journey!

Today is the last day in good old germany HAHA! Tomorrow at 12:10 pm my airplane starts. I am so excited. I will miss my best friend there. Yesterday i have call her and she was so sad that i fly away. I hope she read my blog during i am in japan. Hey my best friend this is for you: Lin mein Schwesterherz, ich vermisse dich jetzt schon. Schon allein der Gedanke das wir uns net jeden Tag hören können bricht mir mein Herz. Du wirst mir verdammt fehlen! Hab dich mega doll lieb mein Darling. Pass bitte auf dich auf!!!! Ok i will update my blog everyday. Wish you all a good time! Bye Bye
11.4.09 11:51

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