Like a leaf in the wind i drift away. Captured by the beauty around me. I see the sky, blue and beautiful. White clouds pass. I try to touch them but they are too far away. It is night and i still drift. The stars on the horizon enchant me. Her sparkle reflected in my eyes. I stretch my hand to them and tell them my dreams. But the wind is pushing me. He don't gives me the opportunity to settle on a nice place. Before me is the ocean. Dark and menacing in the night. But beautiful and clear on the day. I fear me, and look back to the stars. I close the eyes and hear the stars whisper: "Don't worry it is all good. Don't reject against and trust your heart." I look forward and see the sunrise. A smile surrounded my mouth. The sun's rays dry my tears and i get new hope. Hope that the wind let me go sometime!!!!
15.4.09 09:38


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